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"Let your writing cultivate life." - Hase Trek

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Do You Feel Numb Yet?

Are you or has anyone you have known struggled with substance abuse?

Many families face this challenging issue and vaguely understand it. Do You Feel Numb Yet?
invites you to an innovative way of understanding substance abuse through conducted interviews of former and current abusers.

Do You Feel Numb Yet? also provides numerous tactics to counteract against drug abuse in your home or community. To be effective in his message, Hase Trek reflects on various scholarly articles, statistics, and analyses of drug abuse experts to aid in the education of drug abuse.

Let’s end this epidemic!

Circle of Pain

According to, research says that only 8% of people reach their full potential in life. This is a fairly low number, considering the billions of people living in the world. Why, you ask? Emotional mismanagement, lack of knowledge and lack of desire to change our circumstances.

What if I told you that you were capable of being in that 8%? Circle of Pain highlights distinct events that afforded multiple experiences of growth for its author.

Chronicling the journey of Steven Davis, Circle of Pain captures moments of inspiration, hope, love, hate and prosperity. Essentially, it portrays Steven’s evolution into positivity, creativity, knowledge and self-discovery. Circle of Pain is a powerful ‘must read’ - intended to capture the minds and hearts of all readers and to help them evolve.

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