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HASE Trek is the founder of Opulent Minded Dominion (OMD), a company which focuses on producing a wide array of literary works in efforts to, inspire, instruct and entertain readers as well as creators worldwide. Using fundamental reading and speaking engagements throughout the world, HASE Trek promotes reaching one’s full potential through literacy. HASE Trek has published two 5- star books which released on back-to-back consecutive years.

Circle of Pain, (2019) a memoir crafted from distinct events in HASE Trek’s life that he used as a catalyst to inspire individuals to reaching their full potential. Second, Do You Feel Numb Yet?, (2020), delivers an in-depth focus on the effects of illicit substances, social disparities in legal law associated with substance abuse and different accounts from individuals who have had personal experience with substance abuse in the past or currently.  


HASE Trek has garnered the support of elite hip hop artist Styles P and a host of other readers whom many have heralded his books on as well as on HASE Trek is a graduate from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a BA in Global Communications. is a website that allows for supporters to purchase books, merchandise, receive publishing assistance as well as variety of other services. Outside helping individuals better themselves, HASE Trek enjoys being a father to his two sons and spending time with loved ones. 

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